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Hearts & Iron #5 is now available as a printed book. This is the same book as the H & I #5 pdf, but in printed format. The other books are being reprinted, I'll post as they become available.

Hearts & Iron #5 coverHEARTS & IRON #5
The Games are on! Lovers Kallikrates   The Games are on! Lovers Kallikrates and Ioannes compete in the ancient Olympics, as the Greek pantheon watches. The stakes become much higher, as Kallikrates races against time, Ioannes faces a challenge even his strength may not overcome, and Herakles and Hades enter the action. The conclusion of the "A Game of Gods" story arc.

 44 pages. Please state in the specified field, or in email, that you are at least 18 or older or of legal age in your community when you order.

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